Welcome to Cutler Financial Services, LLC

Cutler Financial Services, LLC is a privately owned wealth management firm located in Ramsey, NJ. The two principals of the firm are the father and son team of Richard and Craig Cutler.

With over 35 years of combined experience, Richard and Craig pride themselves on providing quality independent advice. The financial professionals at thefirm focus on wealth management and financial planning. Helping clients develop customized financial planning and investment strategies is at the core of their business.

Outlook 2017: Gauging Market Milestones.

In 2016, financial markets, the economy, and geopolitics experienced an unusual number of milestones that have come together to influence the investment landscape: a new president and administration, the stabilization of oil prices, and the end of an earnings recession. Being prepared for 2017 is about gauging these and other milestones, understanding their significance, and responding without overreacting. The LPL Research Outlook 2017: Gauging Market Milestones features market guidance, with forecasts for stocks, bonds, and the economy, that can help you to read the gauges and make adjustments in the year ahead, while staying strategic and maintaining a long]term investment view.

View the complete Outlook 2017: Gauging Market Milestones.

Complimentary Review

With today's volatile markets and changing tax laws, we are finding that many people would like a second opinion to make sure they are on track to achieving their financial and life goals.

At no cost, we offer a second opinion service that allows us to understand your needs and concerns, identify any gaps between where you are and where you want to be.

If you or your current advisors are doing a great job we are happy to confirm that for you. If not, we can either assist you, or we will point you in the right direction for your situation.